1. Apply

Complete the application form on the website and we will check your eligibility for the programme. The application form includes questions about your business, your innovation and your ideas.

2. Getting to Know You

If successful, we will invite you to meet with an A2i consultant for a one-to-one session so we can get to know you and your business in more detail. Our consultant will also use this opportunity to help you set objectives of what you want to achieve through A2i.

3. Bespoke Support

You will be invited to join workshops designed to support and better prepare you and your business for a collaborative A2i project. The workshops you are invited to, are determined by the R&D areas that you and your consultant determine as a priority for your business.

4. Next Steps

Meet with our A2i Project Manager to find out more about how LSBU can support you. This might be further scoping with the PM, a tour of our state of the art facilities or meeting with LSBU academics to discuss your proposal and start working on a tailored work plan.